Time Delay Safe

The safe doesn’t need an external power supply, it works with 4AA batteries. The batteries which are provided with the safe, last for a minimum of 2 years. The safe has a low battery warning, a red led light indicates when the batteries need to be changed.

The key can open the safe at any time, overriding the code and the delay timer.

The longest time the delay function can be set is 53 minutes.

If no lever is raised there will be no countdown and the safe can be opened immediately with the code.

The key can be used to open the safe and reset the opening code.

Yes, there is a wall version for this purpose.

Yes, you can order a new key here: Time Delay Safe Key. It usually takes around 72 hours to receive a new key.

Yes, if you do not find the safe you are looking for, we do offer safe customization. Contact us directly if you have specific requirements as we may be able to assist. 

Shipping & Returns

We ship worldwide. Shipping and delivery times may vary according to the country, but we offer two main options:

  • Free Standard shipping (5 business days)
  • Fast Express shipping (2 business days)
    • Large safe: $50 USD
    • Medium safe: $30 USD
    • Small safe: $25 USD

   *Tracking number is provided via email once the product has shipped.

   *For shipping and delivery to Australia, New Zealand, and Russia visit: Special Shipping Rates.

Express shipping costs are different based on the safe’s size:

  • Large safe: $ 50 ( USD )
  • Medium safe: $ 30 ( USD )
  • Small safe: $ 25 ( USD )

Other variables such as safe’s type or thickness don’t affect the shipping price.

*For shipping and delivery to Australia, New Zealand, and Russia visit: Special Shipping Rates.

There are no extra shipping and import fees for all EU countries and the US. Other countries may have import duties.

Once the product is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number.

Yes, we offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Shipping costs are not included.

Note: Stripe and Paypal commission fees are not refundable.

Every safe has a 2-year warranty; any safe which malfunctions will be replaced. If the safe is damaged upon delivery, the cost of exchanging or repairing the safe will be covered.

Duties and taxes

For countries in the EU and US, no. Other countries may have import duties.

Dicrete Packaging

Yes, the Time Delay Safe can be shipped as an anonymous shipping package. To opt for discrete shipping, at checkout select “yes” in the discrete packaging option. 


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